Risk management in forex is one of the most overlooked areas in trading. Some traders are so eager to make money, they forget about the risks.

The risk in forex trading is simply the potential loss or profit. To reduce the possibility of financial loss, each trader needs to do risk management strategies and precautions, which are excellently accounted in the various Forex Broker Review and HQBroker Online Reviews.

Having risk management can make a huge difference between your success and failure with forex trading. Even if you have the best trading system in the world, you would still fail without proper risk management.


Traders must control their emotions. A trader won’t get the profits he wants if he can’t control his emotions. It’s one of the most common risks in forex trading. When a trader realizes his mistake, he needs to leave the market with the smallest loss possible. In situations like these, traders need to be patient and wait for a genuine opportunity to present itself.

Stop loss

Controlling your losses is one of the most important aspects of risk management. This involves of knowing when to cut your losses on a trade. This serves as your safety net in case you fall. You have to remember that once you set your stop loss, you must stick with it. It’s easy to get trapped of moving your stop loss farther and farther out.


Remember the phrase “don’t put your eggs into one basket”? Diversification is a strategy of spreading your investments to reduce your risk. This applies to all types of investment, including forex. Be sure not to invest all your money into one currency pair.


Leverage is the use of the broker’s money rather than using your own money. You could deposit $1,000 to actually trade $100,000. This is an example of 100:1 leverage factor. It can be really tempting use high leverage to make high profits. However, this can make it much easier to lose huge amounts of capital too. If you are leveraged and you make a profit, your returns are boosted quickly. But on the other hand, losses will destroy your account just as fast too.

Overall Exposure

Correlations between currency pairs are extremely important in risk management. If you sell EUR/USD and buy USD/CHF, you are exposed 2 times to the USD and in the same direction. If the USD drops, you’ll double your suffering.


Risk management is easy to understand. The difficult part is having the discipline to apply it. Your broker can be a great help to give you a better understanding about risk management. He or she can even set up a strategy or develop a plan to avoid any potential destruction of your account. Before entering the forex market, be sure that your risk management is well executed and properly planned.

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