Out-Sourcing Your Shredding Is A Smart Business Decision


As a successful business, you know when it’s smart to outsource. That’s why you outsource bookkeeping, content management, and cleaning. Why then do you drop the ball when it comes to document destruction?

The answer is usually related to money. By having your employees shred obsolete files, you think you’re saving some dough on costly professional services. But that’s where you’re wrong. When you put your employees in charge of document destruction, you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb. When it goes off it will cost your company a lot of money.

Right off the bat, you’ll have to cover the cost of an office shredder. Then you’ll pay for all of the hours lost as your employees saunter to the machine and feed it their documents. Productivity isn’t the only thing to suffer, however. You hired each individual employee for the role you intended, not shredding. They aren’t trained to complete this job properly, nor do they care about the task when they have their own important work to do. This carelessness can result in improper shredding that may lead to identity theft.

In Canada, there are stringent laws that regulate the way you dispose of paper documents and electronic data. If it’s found that your customers fell victim to identity theft because of the way your employees discarded these materials, your company could be facing serious fines — not to mention significant damage to its reputation.

A professional document destruction Toronto businesses trust, on the other hand, know exactly how to follow these laws. Their vetted, trained, and bonded representatives are capable of destroying both small and large quantities of paper. By using NAID-certified mobile trucks, they ensure the level of destruction is up to the government’s standards.

The crew that makes up Absolute Destruction even knows the ways in which to properly dispose of electronic gadgets that once stored important company information. Check out their website to learn about electronic data destruction. Their processes will ensure your business is safe from identity theft while contributing to an environmentally friendly disposal method.

When the advantages to outsourcing this critical office task comes with increased security, environmentally friendly practices, and avoiding costly penalties, do you have any arguments against it? After you see the price of buying your own shredder, asking your employees to do their own shredding, and dealing with the waste afterwards, you won’t have a single one!

Mary Taylor

The author Mary Taylor