Is Proposal Management Necessary for a Successful Result?


The role of proposal management during the proposal development process is crucial. In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of a project, they must implement feasible processes and techniques on a consistent basis to ensure collaboration between the writing team.  Proposal manager is responsible about coordinating the writing team by providing them with available resources taken from capture management team; plan the content and make sure it’s relevant and compliant to the requirements of the solicitation; assign tasks to the team and supervise activities.

Preparations should be properly planned and executed; thus, getting professional proposal writing services sometimes it inevitable. Even though it requires expertise, and extensive capabilities, many successful proposal managers are intuitive and make their decision based on their personal perceptions and use their experience to come to conclusions. They make sure that best practices are being followed and implemented in order to increase the potential of winning. A solid management is all you need for a winning proposal.

Furthermore, it’s important to not confuse the process of developing the solution plan and content plan. First of all, the management team should define the solution, and identify the approaches that are going to be used to accomplish their goals.  Illustrate the solution so that the content creators can rely on while writing it. Depending on the complexity of the solution, besides storyboards and other techniques, you can describe them broadly.

Decide if the solution is practical and based on a realistic approach. Does your solution offer a competitive advantage? A thorough analysis and planning of the solution at the beginning of the proposal development process will ensure process fluency and relevance. However, content planning is necessary for the beginning of the process as well. After you have all the details and have the focal points you’re going to use in the proposal, your team is ready to write.

Many proposals are lost during the development process just because the proposal management team has not planned the solution and the content previously. Many RFPs give the solution, and companies do not invest time or money in developing a strategic plan. They simply jump into the writing process immediately. There are even cases when a review team turns back the proposal because they determine that the solution is not communicated effectively. To avoid this, every proposal should have at least one coordinator to identify if it needs a solution and assign the tools that are going to be used to develop the perfect one.

Kimberly Allen

The author Kimberly Allen