How To Convert Single Phase To 3-Phase Power For Businesses?


Electric utilities offer only single phase power to small businesses, farms, and homes that are not sufficient to operate 3-phase motors. Small manufacturing companies require more power or highest standard horsepower to run high rated motors so phase converter can be useful.

It may convert single phase current to 3 phase to run 3 phase motors. You can operate a phase converter via disconnect switch or a receptacle. Single phase supply (A 240 Volt) is needed to operate it. You need clean power for businesses so that a phase converter can be useful.

First of all, you need to wire the phase converter and position the rotator phase converter in such a location from where it can access 220 to 240 V supply. It must be as per the National electric code, and you need a disconnect switch that is specially designed to carry the load needed and disconnect it in an emergency situation.

Types of Phase Converters

There are many types of phase converters are available in the market.

A rotary-style converter is very popular. You can invest your money in high-quality rotary style converter as it would be most efficient, safest and reliable mode to convert 1 to 3 phase power. This converter has a spinning or rotating device called as a rotating transformer/idler motor or generator. It has three legs or windings that are required to power appliances.

When this idler motor is energized with one phase power, this rotary converter will split part of 2 lines of energy supply coming to create a 3rd power line that results in 3 power lines rather than typical two power lines supplied from the utility company.  Here we have mentioned the entire working of single to three phase converter.

First of all single phase power is supplied to transformer motor that starts capacitors. These capacitors are powered on 3rd winding to start the motor. Now converter utilizes the energy from single phase and transfers power parts to create a 3rd line of power. These three power lines then shifted to 120 degrees. Energized capacitors offer a consistent and balanced voltage.

It is very important to keep them all three power lines at equal voltage. Sometimes an inconsistent or unbalanced phase converter can be the main cause of the sudden increase in power or electric current. It can create heat that can cause problems and damage your motors.

You should look for a well-balanced phase converter as it allows the motor to operate at maximum or close to the capacity of horsepower. There are lots of benefits of using a phase converter, but the main advantage of using it is the cost saving and convenience of operating it. This is a better option than utility 3 phase power which is expensive or unavailable to implement.

This is all about how to convert single phase to 3 phase power. You can do it by using a phase converter. If you have any query regarding 3 Phase Power Converters in Nova Socia, do comment.


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