How to Choose the right Electronic Manufacturing Service Partner


Apparently, there are a lot of things you have to consider when selecting your Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partner. Especially if your company is looking to outsource, include an additional EMS partner or replace an existing partner the choosing process can be a daunting task.

If the outsourcing process is new to you or you want to test the waters with partnering with an EMS consider these tips so you’ll choose right because if chosen wrongly, the results could be catastrophic to your company.

It About the Fit

Obviously, no electronic manufacturing service company is the same, they each have different methods of operation and conducts. It’s your job as an OEM to analyze each EMS company and see which one fits your company’s profile perfectly.

Consider the size of the company and relate it to your business, can they meet the order demands from clients? Also consider their work complexity, the products they produce and how quickly they produce them. A good check of their previous records with other OEMs would be needed as well as a look at their finances- How have they been faring?

Chicken and Egg

Once you’ve seen which EMS company fits the profile of your company, then comes the chicken and egg dilemma. You have to decide; do you visit the company or get them to send a representative to you first? While you may debate this decision all day, It’s recommended you do some research and go and inspect the operations of two or three potential suppliers that already fits your company profile.

Once you see the operations and other occurrences in the company, then you’ll easily pick.

Trust Your Instincts

You’re an EOM; you’ve done the mentioned steps now you have chosen an EMS company. You have to trust your selections if you don’t trust them who will? You have to stand by your decisions.

It shouldn’t be hard, if you have carefully assessed the EMS company, that is, checked if they fit your company’s size and also check their records, gone sightseeing and inspecting their operations and used these criterions to pick an electronic manufacturing service company, then you have paid attention to detail and by so doing you must trust your instincts and decisions to eventually pay off.

Choosing or replacing an EMS partner should not be so hard now that you know the steps to take. You should contact 911 Innovation as they have been recommended by many companies and individual to offer reliable service among others.

Kimberly Allen

The author Kimberly Allen