Factors For Effective Envelope Printing


Envelopes are a very important part of conducting business

Even in the era of email and web commerce.  They move correspondence, advertising materials, special supplies, statements, statements as well as past due notices.  However most companies pay little attention to the impact they have on the end receiver.  Envelopes are a must for business purposes, big or small.  From the objective of sending invoices and billing statements to sending a thank you note or a formal correspondence, envelopes have a massive selection of uses.  It’s important that your envelope match other published collateral.

Branding is a Huge buzzword these days, and for good reason

The growth of a logo, company colors and branding layouts for everything from brochures to shipping trucks is an expensive undertaking for nearly all companies.  Keeping a consistent look in anything put before the general public is vital for the rise of corporate recognition.

Businesses of all sizes funding substantial quantities of money to market their services and products.  But in regards to envelope printing, these little guys are often treated as an afterthought as opposed to what they are: essential document packaging.


Never thought of it like that?

Well, have a minute to consider their effect.  The normal small business receives heaps of email every day.  Someone types through them and determines what is important and what’s not.  On a consumer level, the exact same applies.  How frequently do you instantly toss an envelope that you don’t understand in the garbage?

This might not seem very fair

Especially if the new being chucked comprises the brochure you just spent a fortune on to advertise a new product by direct mail, but it is a simple fact of life in the business world.  Fortunately there are some things you can do to maximize your odds of envelope retention.

If it comes to business envelope printing it is important to keep in mind that the idea of initial impressions.  You just get to make one first impression.  It is just as accurate with envelopes since it is with people.  Nothing makes a better impression in the email than full colour envelopes.  Color envelopes shouldn’t be restricted to carrying your letterhead.  With the introduction of high-speed, inkjet presses, Personalised Envelope Printing has become quite economical, so there is no reason to send out dull envelopes in black ink only.

The critical things to consider full color envelopes is that the technology is making them cheaper

There is a proven value in branding envelopes with complete colour logos and messages, and purchasing in bulk can save your company a lot of money.  You might not think you will use many envelopes within a year, but if you are being aggressive in advertising, advertising or perhaps collections, purchasing in bulk really can pay off.

Try out purchasing more color envelopes than you expect to use at a 6 or 12 month period

Then save money by providing your printer a couple of cases at a time to overprint special messages for promotions and collection attempts.  They can overprint simple messages such as, “30 per cent OFF” or “Past Due Notice” more affordable than you can purchase multiple small orders of complete color envelopes throughout the year.  Add value to your envelopes and make more income.

Kimberly Allen

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