Exploring The charitable side of Peter Loftin


No doubt, Peter Loftin has always been known famously for being the perfect example of the phrase ‘two sides of the same coin’. While one side of Loftin has always been a great businessman, an entrepreneur and a hard working individual, the other side of Loftin is a soft hearted man who dedicated his life to humanity and the betterment of his society.

Born in North Carolina in The United States of America, Loftin rose from very humble backgrounds. However, the seeds of humanity, compassion and generosity were instilled into him since a very early age.

Loftin’s first steps towards humanity

Loftin himself was never quite interested in academics. Although he completed his education in school, his mind and heart were always set out towards a different goal. At the age of 20, Peter Loftin founded an organisation under the name of Coats for Kids. He used this charitable organisation to encourage people to donate coats and winter clothing for those who were lesser fortunate than them. At the tender age of 20, Loftin had already begun sowing the seeds of humanity into people’s minds and hearts.

Soon after, Loftin continued his education in college; however, it was clear that his heart was set on something different. By the time Loftin turned 26, he had already dropped out of college two times. However, he did not let this get in the way of his success. He worked hard day and night, and soon became the proud owner of his very own multi-million dollar company. His company soon rose to become one of the biggest telecommunications company, under the name of Business Telecommunication Inc. or BTI.

From there onwards, Peter Loftin climed the ladder of success two steps at a time. Along with his booming business and affiliation with other organisations, Loftin continued to spend most of his time and energy investing in charitable organisations. He got himself immersed into several organisations, including the Red Cross Society, which would actively lend help to those in need.

On the professional front, Loftin’s success saw no bounds, as he co-founded a counter terrorism contractor with the help of two other colleagues. This group was able to successfully handle several instances of terrorism activities throughout their country.

Another one of Loftin’s great hobbies and passion in life has been art. Soon enough, this intelligent entrepreneur turned his dreams and love for art into a reality. In the year 2000, Peter Loftin purchased the very famous Casa Casuarina. This purchase too, however, was not made in selfish interests. Loftin donated his space to other art lovers, who would regularly hold art shows to showcase their immense skills and talents to the world. The proceedings from these art shows were generously donated to charity.

Word of Loftin’s great work and success spread like wild fire all over the world. It is a wish of all the citizens of United States that the next generation of their country could take inspiration from the success stories of Loftin. If more young minds would dedicate their lives to the betterment of society like Loftin did, the world would become a better place.

Carol Gilmore

The author Carol Gilmore