How to Survive after Bitcoin Split?


It is quite likely that there will be a coin-split in a bitcoin market. The blockchain and the network may split into two if a large number of miners shift to Bitcoin Unlimited and take a decision to mine bigger blocks that are more than one megabyte, whereas, a few users keep on using the current protocol of Bitcoins.

If the split happens, there will be two kinds of Bitcoin tokens that are as follows:

BTC – These tokens follow the current bitcoin protocol

BTU – These tokens, however, will be following the protocol of new lead, i.e., Bitcoin Unlimited.

But there is good news; every bitcoin in the blockchain will be copied onto the chain of Bitcoin Unlimited. The reason behind it is that both BTCs and BTUs would initially be stuck together. You will have to separate them one way or the other, or else, there are chances that you may end up losing either BTCs or BTUs.

Therefore, you must learn to secure your position during the coin-split and safely move to the other side without losing your BTCs and BTUs. The situation before and after the split has been discussed in detail below.

Situation Before the Split – The Current Scenario

You have to be prepared for a coin-split, because this situation is highly risky. There is quite probable that a cyber-battle may be initiated between BTC and BTU as a result of this split, which can cause the bitcoin exchange rate to decline sharply down to zero. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to be sure that you are not holding more than you are willing to lose. In case you wish to keep your money invested in the market, it is very important that you exercise control over your investment before it is too late and you end up losing your money.

Create Your Own Wallet

If your bitcoins are stored in a custodian wallet, such as Xapo, Circle, or Coinbase, it is possible that you may not instantly receive coins on either side of the chain. Although, a number of exchanges have said that you might, there is no certainty or guarantee that you would. There is one exchange, i.e., GDAX, that has explicitly stated that you might not be able to do so.

If you have signed up for any of these services, you must create a new wallet where you can transfer your bitcoin. This wallet will now keep your private keys. You can print private keys on a paper wallet if you are planning to keep BTC and BTU as long term investments or you can get a hardware wallet as it will ensure the security of your private keys.

Situation After the Split

You will be able to secure the coins on both sides of the chains if both the BTC and BTU chains survive and you secure control of the private keys.However, it is going to be difficult to use coins on one side of the fork without accidentally using the same amount of coins on the other side. But you can avoid it by mining brand new coins right after the coin-split occurs as new coins cannot exist in both the chains. Therefore, when you will combine new with old ones, it will successfully separate both BTC and BTU.

Moreover, some exchanges would also offer coin-splitting services to its clients and make it easier for them to split the BTCs and BTU. Furthermore, after the coin-split, it is quite likely that there will be wallets for both coins and you might be required to upgrade your current wallet and download a new wallet.

In years to come, if you plan to use the funds in your paper wallet, do remember that it consists of both BTC and BTU. For now, it is not yet fully clear what the future will look like, but it is highly likely that you will have plenty of options to secure your coins when it happens.

Join CoinBanks today to trade crypto-currencies or keep you updated with the latest Bitcoin news and updates.

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When, Why and How to Rebrand Your Company


Branding is not just something that everyone is supposed to know how to do. It is something that is learned and something that requires talent, which is why hiring a professional to help you out Is not such a bad idea. Pick one of the great strategic marketing consulting firms, and your business is bound to bloom.

Why hire a consultant

As it was said, it is not that easy to rebrand your business, and if you are just opening a new business it is not that easy to start as well. If you hire a professional to help you with rebranding your company, it will be much easier on you as you might also learn a lot.

There are many great consultants out there that could surely help you out

In addition, a great thing about hiring a marketing or branding consultant is that nothing is permanent when it comes to you two. This means that as soon as you reach your goal, or if you decide that you do not need a branding consultant anymore, you two can simply part ways, without any strings attached.

However, when you search for a marketing or branding consultant to hire, be sure to find a person with great reviews and history. Also, make sure that you two have great chemistry before you hire a marketing or branding consultant.

What to expect

A good marketing and branding consultant is here to look at everything from objective side. He/she will find a strategy that will work for you and your firm and help you rebrand your company in a way that you will like it while it attracts your desired customers.

Is rebranding necessary?

“Why should I rebrand?” is a very often question that many marketing consultants get, and it is also a big one. First of all, if your business is not making a profit and you are drowning in the shadows of your opponents, then a change should happen.

Rebranding a company means that you will change the things that make you less attractive to the audience. Sometimes, a complete rebranding strategy will be necessary which means that no trails of your previous brand will be visible. This only happens when your brand and company image do not represent you and your product.

How to successfully rebrand

There are many factors that you need to consider when you want to rebrand your company. First of all, a brand is not something that can be created easily, since it is not all about the lines, the font and the images you use, it is more about the story you are trying to tell. You should create a brand that helps the audience connect with your brand.

Create a brand that can engage the audience in the story and make them relate

When creating a brand, try consulting different colleagues or even employees and ask for their opinion. Having a branding consultant by your side is also a good idea since he can help you look at everything from an objective side. Make sure you do not rush into it. First, create a strategy and then make sure you follow all the necessary steps to success.

Final word

If you do not have experience when it comes to marketing and branding a company, you should contact one of the best branding consultants in Sydney, from BrandQuest. Keep in mind that a branding and marketing consultant can help both the big and small business, together with the businesses that have just started.

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How Can Your Accountant Help Your Business Growth?


Having a consistent business growth for your company should never give you a headache again, while you can get the services of an accountant who will deliver on that with ease.  Years of practice have proven accountants capable of spurring growth by making various costs adjustments and projections into the future. Accurate management of your business accounting systems is their key job from which they can render advice on how to grow the business. Here is a rundown of four critical things an accountant can do to help your business grow.

  • Reduce Business Expenses

Accountants will dig into a business receivables and payables, market costs and operations and propose savings on costs without hurting your business. Access to all your raw data helps the accountant conduct an audit on your business operations and assess the value of every coin your business spends. As a result, they can propose ways of cutting down unnecessary business costs such as production costs. An accountant can recommend a reduction in the number of workers, where several employees perform duplicate duties.  Besides, an accountant can evaluate the projects run by the business and propose holding of some projects and propose fast tracking some projects that are likely to yield more profits. As a result, a company spends money on projects and costs that generate more returns resulting to sustained growth.

  • Cash Flow Management

Creating a sustainable business budget requires a set of refined skills not only in planning but implementing the budget to ensure everything falls according to the plan. An efficient and robust budget is an essential ingredient in the success of business, and the only accountant can create such a budget. Financial modeling and visualization of the cash flow of a business are core functions of an accountant. A budget is used as an economic map to the future of business. It is created upon evaluation of all the business transactions of an enterprise by an accountant. The budget is made by an accountant tailored to spur growth as it implements changes they seem appropriate for the success of your business.

  • Leverage Financial Data for Business Strategy

Accountants will consistently provide you with financial information on the actual performance of a business empowering you to make better decisions on the future of the enterprise. Such supportive information is crucial in spurring business growth as you can see what projects yield profits and those that bring you down. The reports are evidence based and will advise you on the best next move for your company. As such, you can ask your accountant to create a five-year projection of your business based on your current position to use it as a road map. As a result, accountants prevent you from running your business blindly by providing you with valuable information upon which you can gauge the performance of the firm.

  • Boost Financial Returns

One headache for business owners is converting the loss of billable hours to net gains. Your accountant will help you win this war by proposing HR restructuring strategies. For instance, an accountant can advise the change of shift hours and training of employees to ensure maximum productivity of employees. Besides, information on consumer demand, sales forecasts, and various market dynamics help your accountant position your business strategically to ensure it handles all turbulence without incurring losses.

In conclusion, it is important you disclose all information concerning your business to your accountant to ensure they make profitable decisions for your company. Besides, hiring a full-time accountant is the best practice, as opposed to contracting an accountant for a given period. Full-time accountants deliver more for your business as they are always there to monitor the daily operations of the company making sure your business runs smoothly. See this blog post for more information on small business growth.


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Funeral homes assistance in Huntsville AL


Death! That somber figure with a sickle is nothing more than a transition which all human beings must take part in, which must be taken as a stage of transition that is a part of life we must take care of.

Funeral home in Huntsville AL: The solution to guarantee the dignity of your death.

The bulk of the benefits of a funeral service plan should not be overlooked. Death, in addition to being an extremely painful situation both psychologically and emotionally, is particularly expensive. Aspects such as The preparation of the body, burial costs, transfer of the body from the place of death to the funeral home in Hunts Ville, the transfer of the relatives of the deceased to the place of veiling and cremation among others, are expenses that if not foreseen in time, can have a very high cost if the Family is not prepared for a coup of such magnitude.

In many cases, sadly we see families with huge debts due to the death of a family member, which causes more headaches than the same death, situations which in the worst cases leads to destruction of the family and problems of a legal nature.

Funeral homes assistance in Huntsville AL: the ticket to tranquility

To foresee this type of expenses, rather than to signify an act of pessimism, is an act of love. Predicting the inevitable means tranquility for your family, and the possibility that the memory of who is leaving is always in the highest of places.

What people never take into account is that the death rate grows every year, and that it is better to cancel an annual insurance that covers the rising and high costs of death than having to pay a lot of money when the unwanted occasion arrives.

Funeral Services at Funeral home in Huntsville AL, pay attention to the needs of their beneficiaries, assuming costs and paperwork when you do not have the emotional head and stability to take them.


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What you should know about Importing a Car to Canada

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Most people in the car business would have comprehensive knowledge on the value of car. They would have gathered knowledge on the difference of car prices in one nation to the other. In case, you were in Canada, you may prefer buying a car in United States. It would save you significant amount. The savings could be as much as thirty to forty percent. However, a majority of people would be daunted by the option of buying a vehicle in a foreign land, as they may find it difficult to deal with importing process.

Myths pertaining to car importing process

A number of myths have been associated with car importing process. Most people believe it to be costly process. On the other hand, some people see the importing process as a complicated procedure. Some may think that it would be a time consuming process. These would be some of the myths that deter people from buying a car from a different nation. However, the process has been made relatively simple with professional services ready and willing to help you. You should look forward to hiring their services. They would be your best bet for all kinds of importing needs.

Hiring professional services

You would have the option of hiring professional services. They would take your tension away of importing the car to Canada. They would cater you with a number of services suitable to your needs. Clearit has been serving the needs of the people for a significant length of time. It would be pertinent to mention here that Clearit itn number request would help you cross the border with ease. You would be required to place the ITN or Internal Transaction Number on the shipment before it is exported. Clearit would cater to your car importing needs in the best manner possible. They would charge a reasonable amount for their services.

Important things to remember

It would be pertinent to mention here that before you actually pick up your car and drive over the border, you should call your insurance company. They would ensure that you have international coverage. It would take care of your investment in event of you getting into an accident while still in the United States. When you cross the border, you would be given 45 days for making any kind of modification required for federal clearance. You should bring the car to a store in case your vehicle requires anything.


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4 Tips for Moving Overseas


Most people who live in North America will probably move at least once in their lives. For many people, that first big move is out of the parent’s house and into a dormitory for college into their first apartment.  After this, many people will eventually move in to their first home, etc. etc.

But some people are confronted with the idea of having to move overseas.  That is a little more complicated than packing up your stuff and hauling it a few hundred miles to a different city.  Moving overseas can involve a lot of complicated things, which can feel quite daunting at first glance. As such, here are a few ASAP Moving tips that could help to make this process a little easier.

TIP #1:  Sell Everything

Ok, maybe not everything, but if you really think about, what do you absolutely need to bring with you.  Yes, the thing you have accumulated over the years are probably important to you; and yes, you don’t want to have to give up everything but the reality is that it is going to cost you a lot of money to ship these things overseas. The bottom line is that if it is not functional or some priceless family heirloom, you should probably get rid of it.

Just about everything is replaceable.

TIP #2:  Store Everything Else

Now, what are you going to do with all the stuff that you don’t sell?  Well, of course, you can always throw it way or donate it; but if you really feel like you might want to keep it—for whatever reason—consider putting it in storage.  Maybe you have some friends and family that you are leaving behind; they can keep an eye on your stuff for you. They might even be able to send it out to you after you get settled in your new place.  And, after awhile, if that doesn’t work out, you can always donate or sell it then, too.

TIP #3:  Send Your Stuff Ahead of You

Whatever it is that you are planning to take with you on this overseas move, you should try to send it ahead of you; that way it is already there, waiting for you, when you arrive.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your bed and furniture and clothing was already in your new home? Or at least, waiting at the post office or seaport for you to pick it up?

TIP #4:  Documentation

Always remember your documentation. Make copies. Also, know what visa requirements your new country of residence will have.  

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Strategies For Reducing Stress During A Move


If you have a residential or commercial move in your near future, there are at least three things that will considerably lessen the stress that is generally associated with moving.

  1. Use a reputable professional moving company for the job.
  2. Get a realistic estimate of the items: furniture, boxes, appliances and miscellaneous items you want moved.
  3. Plan extra time for the move which may result in extra costs.

Once all of these considerations have been made, your move should proceed without much of a disturbance. Once you have shopped around for professional but cheap movers in Toronto and the GTA, you should have a quote that is reasonably accurate. Professional movers offer extra services that may be needed, such as workers with the skills to pack everything from clothing and household items to upholstered furniture and fine wood or glass furniture and appliances. These workers can also pack delicate items like dishes, wall art, ceramic figurines and even pianos. They use the correct boxes and the right packing materials to limit breakage and movement within the box and protect your larger fine furnishings with blankets wrapped around any exposed areas that are likely to rub against other items.

Using professional Toronto movers with good internet reviews also ensures that you get a very accurate quote based on what you’re moving and the distance you’re traveling. In identifying and appraising the contents of your home and the scale of the actual operation, they should be able to break down the services they are providing to help you understand your bill.

Take a visual inventory of your home or office. Note the number of furnished rooms:

  • Kitchen – table and chairs, refrigerator, stove, dish washer
  • Family room – television, sofa, chairs
  • Home office-desk – file cabinets, book cases
  • Exercise room – weights, rowing machine, stationary bike
  • Living room – sofa, coffee table, side table, chairs, television, etc.
  • Bedrooms – beds, dressers, armoires and chests

Be sure to measure your wall art, so you can get the correct size boxes for the pieces. Count the number of boxes needed to pack up the possessions that you want to move. Include everything – books, clothes, shoes, toys, grooming equipment, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, computers and printers – in this list. After taking an inventory, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the number and type of boxes you’ll need to pack up your space.

When the move is planned an estimate will be given by the movers for the amount of time that it will take to complete the move. You will likely be paying by the hour, so if there is an unforeseen delay, due to traffic or some other problem, it could take longer and the costs would be your responsibility. Always build a 10-20% cost increase into your projected subtotal just in case.

Planning makes any move less stressful, because you are better prepared for the problems which always pop up at the last minute. Start by hiring a professional mover. Take an inventory of your home or office so you will know what you’re moving, and finally, estimate the time the move will take with an additional margin of error so you don’t blow your budget. Happy relocation!

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Why You Need To Keep Your Database Up To Date in Telesales


In the UK a new company is started every minute. That means that every minute your database will be out of date. Once you update your database, you will discover all of the new potential clients your telesales business might be missing out on. When you don’t update your database regularly, you’ll probably find you’re the last in a long queue of people wanting to work with them, because they have been more efficient.

When it comes to your telesales company, every so often you might decide to do some marketing or promotion via email. This keeps all of your prospects in the loop about what services you offer. You want to make sure everyone that is appropriate is contacted. This will then extend into your telesales team, who can phone up interested leads. However, if you’re not keeping your database up to date, then you won’t be able to target those who need your products or service. Your business will be losing out, and it also gives the opposition a chance to succeed.

Telesales is a very demanding field to have a business in, and it’s constantly evolving. As a result of this, you invest more money on making sure your products and services will meet the requirements of your prospects. This seems more important than updating your business. But the key is that it’s just as important. Your list of potential clients will eventually dry up if you don’t keep an eye on that database, and make sure your telesales agents always have new leads to call.

Having access to an up to date database in your telesales company is critical. Another investment that is critical when it comes to telesales is to make sure all of your team members are trained properly. If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy telesales training, check out Simon Kenna Telesales Training who is based in London.

Being known as a truly successful telesales business takes time and dedication. Part of this is to make sure your contact database is always up to date and accurate. Make sure you don’t miss out on any potential clients again by updating that database today.

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Why do you want Professional Translation Service?


Using the rise of Digital revolution, getting an internet site for a business is critical. And just what good is really a website without having the best visitors to the web site? Localization is paramount here and it’ll assist in driving massive traffic. Your prospects can come searching for the right information and keeping them offered at every digital touchpoint is essential. Key content online must be contextualized and converted from our language to help keep the crowd gripped onto pages. Only they can connect with your products or services offering.

Today the majority of the consumers use Internet to find information about for info on products, services, connections after which decide to buy. It is essential to get your site content converted from British towards the local languages of nations which come under your target bucket. The primary benefits of website translations are a rise in marketability, boosted website traffic, added lead conversions and helping your company make use of the quickly growing global market.

Professional translation service is really a given if you’re planning to grow globally. It will allow you to achieve global markets outside your expectations when it comes to wider audience & amplified business. The help will increase your business to Worldwide heights.

With the much happening within the software localization services space, selecting the best translation company is imperative. Listed here are top 4 reasons you ought to be availing expertise.


Experience may be the mother of benefits. By teaming track of a skilled language services provider, you’re going to get complete use of their expert base. It’s much simpler and seamless to utilize somebody who has been in this subject for several years. Experienced agencies might have labored along with other big clients and you may take advantage of individuals learnings. Such agencies may also speak exactly the same language while you and therefore the output is going to be precise & to the stage matching your expectations.


While doing the best factor is a aspect, doing the work in the proper time also matters. For the reason that sense, efficiency also plays a huge role. Fast turnaround is important nowadays, as companies are evolving faster and also you need to maintain the interest rate. Focusing on one software localization task for several weeks together won’t be productive whatsoever. So, locate an agency which could give you support and never burden you rather with cost overruns.


More often than not, we rely on internal sources to complete the translation on the need basis. What occurs when your business keeps growing and you’ve got larger tasks to cope with? Translation turns into a time-consuming task without having the best expert doing the work for you personally. It’s mostly forwarded to junior team people that is very dangerous. Your software or web site is the face area of the organization and utmost priority must be provided to it. So pick a company with a good type of experts (inside your domain) who are able to understand your requirements and wants.

Evenness ( Uniformity)

Brand consistency is paramount and will not be compromised: this ought to be your mantra for that organization. Marketing communication reflects a huge part of the brand image. Consumers could possibly get confused if you’re portraying different images across different pages. Maintaining a regular messaging on all of the marketing communication materials becomes critical. Using words might vary for every person. Make sure you stay with one expert during your project to maintain the uniformity.

With this particular, your internal team can concentrate on sales making the work they do hrs more lucrative. Language Services Providers like Mayflower, assist you with famous experts within this space to create your existence simpler. They offer best-in-class Translation Company with an array of choices- translate documents, multilingual websites and videos, mobile phone applications in local languages, translate courses and LMS, software UI strings and documentation, evaluate media presence, voice-over, and subtitling, etc. Additionally they provide talking to services before you decide to launch your products globally.

Choose your merchandise provider wisely and find out your products go global.

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Evergreen Summer Trends

used car

Unlike winters, you don’t have to hide that cute little dress of yours underneath the layers of jackets and scarves during the summers. Summer is the season to flaunt, and if you can do it correctly, you are the boss! During the summers, one can pull off anything easily and comfortably. Starting from vibrant colors to white or mini and maxi dresses, these summer fashion statements will make you completely flawless.

In this article, we are mainly going to focus on the evergreen summer trends that never seem to go out of fashion.

Let’s get started!

Summer Trends That Never Go Wrong

  1. White Dress: A white dress is a perfect choice for the scorching heat of the sun. White attire is a must especially for ladies who spent most of their time outside. It can give you a refreshing escape from the unbearable heat outside. If you don’t have one, get one immediately for your wardrobe. There are a plenty of different styles of dresses for women to choose from. You can go for a solid white dress or an off-shoulder and team it up with the correct accessory. And you are all set to go!
  2. Yellow and Mustard Dresses: Vibrant colors are the essence of summer fashion. And what could be better than wearing vibrant yellow or it’s different shades during the summer? It makes you look energetic and adds to the mood of the life. Go get your hands on a pretty mustard or yellow dress, now!
  3. Floral Prints: Summer without flowers? Just impossible! Floral prints are yet another signature trends that the ladies follow during the summers. Whether it be a short dress or a long-flown gown, floral prints make you look absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Denim Dresses: Denim is like the all-season dress! It is classy and yet comfortable. With a denim dress, you need not worry much about the accessories as well. You can go all careless with just a pair of sneakers and still look ultra-cool!

As the mercury level rises, raise your temperature bar to the maximum! With these summer trends, you can never go wrong. So feel beautiful and confident this summer.

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