3 Tips To Save Money For Your Small Business


On the way to becoming self-employed, most business founders find themselves confronted with the same problem: Despite great motivation and untiring commitment, the budget is quite manageable, especially at the beginning.

This applies in particular to large items such as rent, office equipment or personnel costs. We’ve put together seven practical tips to help you save money in the starting phase.

1. Office Space: The Magic Word Is Sharing

Prestigious offices with cool start-up character – that’s probably what almost every founder wants. But only very few of them have the necessary small change right from the start to be able to afford the monthly rent for rooms in an excellent location.

For this reason, many business founders and freelancers like to make use of the co-working spaces specifically designed for this target group.

Mostly centrally located and conveniently located, these areas offer flexible and inexpensive rental models. Both individual and open-plan offices, meeting rooms, a professional infrastructure and, in some cases, secretarial services can be rented on a daily or hourly basis.

The significant advantage: In co-working spaces, you are guaranteed to meet other participants for exchange and networking, and often there are in-house events especially for founders. Plus, you are not bound directly to a – mostly long-term – rental agreement.

2. Start-up Packages For Internet Consumers

As far as the infrastructure of a start-up is concerned, a fast and secure Internet connection is essential today. Since the business customer prices of the usual offers are gladly times somewhat more expensive, many founders set on the more favorable private tariffs. You can also use the free small business marketing tools.

However, they quickly reach their limits when it comes to performance and must not be used for business purposes. This is why many telecommunications providers offer special start-up packages that save you a lot of money. These often include free test months and then a reasonable flat rate for Internet and telephone.

Also, it is usually possible to terminate the contract in the event of a business cessation, i. e. the agreement no longer binds the founder.

3. Finding And Involving Helpers Quickly

A big issue in start-ups is undoubtedly the personnel. Many young companies start with one or two employees – the founders themselves. In the beginning, it goes without saying that you take on all the tasks for your dream of owning your own company.

But if the company wants to grow, it needs to be strengthened quickly – especially to promptly give up more straightforward tasks (which still have to be done) and concentrate on the essentials.

To save costs, startups like to rely on student assistants or mini-jobbers who take on specific areas of work within the framework of a minor job.

The search for personnel can save money even with simple means: If conventional job exchanges and professional headhunters are too expensive, you can access the job agency’s portal with almost 2.7 million job profiles, social networks such as XING or LinkedIn and, of course, personal contacts free of charge.

Numerous start-ups and start-up portals have also focused on the topic of the job board. Here you will find 11 alternative contact points that can be effective for start-ups looking for employees.

Author Bio:

Chris is a Digital Media Strategy Consultant at StrategyBeam, where he helps small business owners and nonprofits reach their goals through Internet marketing. He loves learning about upcoming business trends and helping companies grow their business and reach their goals!

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How Virtual Advisors and Freedom Debt Relief can Help You with Your Finances


As time has gone on, technology has been actively improving almost every element of human life. Naturally, technology has also made it easier to access a financial advisor than ever before. Freedom Debt Relief is just one company who has been working hard to integrate themselves into the online community, but the entire financial industry has been rapidly changing.

How has Freedom Debt Relief increased their presence online?

 In order to remain competitive within the industry, Freedom Debt Relief has been rapidly improving their website, their client dashboard, and their overall online presence. The company’s website has become more integrated and useful over time, and they have also established a firm presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Freedom Debt Relief’s unique client dashboard feature allows you to actively monitor every debt settlement as it is occurring. Additionally, the client dashboard also allows you to see the schedule for when your debts are being negotiated and to manage your account information. These kinds of changes are incredibly important—having access to your account from wherever you may be is what makes it possible to always be in control of your financial future.

What is a robo financial advisor?

 A century ago, if you wanted to meet with a financial advisor, you would need to go visit them at their office or—at the very least—write them a letter. Though shortly after that, the rapid spread of the telephone made financial advisors more accessible than they were in the past, the introduction of the internet has certainly made the modern era one that has been characterized by increased convenience.

A virtual financial advisor—also known as a “robo” advisor—is exactly what the name implies. These “advisors”—who are not humans, but computers—can be accessed directly through the internet, and because of this, both the cost and the hassle of getting financial guidance have been decreasing over time.

By using a virtual financial advisor, your investments and accounts will be automatically monitored. These advisors can help increase efficiency, find optimal opportunities for investment, and still assure that all of your accounts are safe.

Are there still humanfinancial advisors that can be accessed online?

Though utilizing a robo advisor is something that can be incredibly useful and beneficial, human financial advisors are still far from obsolete. Most financial websites—including Freedom Debt Relief—have various ways in which you can still have direct contact with a human being.

Robo advisors are ideal when you know what you want, and simply want your accounts to be monitored and adjusted when appropriate. But if you are one of many Americans who feels as if you need personal guidance with your finances, then it may make more sense to reach out to someone directly.

Robo advisors are not meant to replace the essential human element of the financial industry. But when used in conjunction with a knowledgeable human being, these advisors certainly have a lot to offer. There is no telling what the future has in store, but there is a lot for people to get excited about.

Canadian-born financial expert Andrew Housser is the bright mind behind Freedom Debt Relief, and a whole host of related enterprises that seek to help people become debt free and learn how to be smarter with their money. He has a storied career and is the recipient of many financial awards for his knowledge and skill within the industry.

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Simple yet effective measures to find the best FOREX Broker


FOREX Broker holds all the keys to your chances of success in FOREX Trading. Hence, you require partnering with the most reputed and reliable brokers, if you have to escape the investment risks and reap the maximum profits. But, the question is how will you ensure the worthiness of the party, before hiring its services? Is that at all possible to do? Certainly, it is possible and here are the tricks and tips to find the most reliable broker.

You should check how long the party is offering the similar scopes of services

First and foremost, you require checking the span of business experience that the party holds. This domain is highly competitive and intricate and hence, unless the broker is experienced, it will not have the complete knowledge of the market as well as the probable ways to escape the risks and maximizing the profits. Hence, you will certainly make a fatal error if you join hands with the inexperienced parties.

Consider the reputation of the broker

The reputed brokers are those parties that have been consistent with its performance and for a significant span of time, have been able to produce the satisfaction of the clients. Thus, it will be right to say that the reputation of a broker is the most practical evidence of its skill, competency and worthiness. Therefore, you should always prioritize on hiring the reputed brokers as these parties will have the expertise to give you the most delightful support.

The benefits of dealing with such reputed brokers are manifold and the key aspects are that you will get the most effective investment guides as well as the modern trading tools that will enable you to trade with the highest efficiency. Hence, once you have joined hands with the reputed parties, you can only come across the most delightful services.

You need to check its service track record

You should not hire the agent, without checking its track record of services. The reliable brokers will have considerable achievements and should have won several awards that highlight its robust skill and abilities. Such parties will enable you to trade with the highest profits.

In addition, you should only hire those brokers that charge brokerage at fair rates. The party should not be infamous for charging hidden fees that will eat away a significant portion of your revenues.

The tricks and tips suggested above will make it easier to identify the most reliable party.

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Why Is It Advised To Appoint An Accounting Firm For Independent Business?


The accounting firm is vital to the working of any company. It tends to provide a great variety of financial services to its clients.

To manage a small business or any independent entrepreneurship, one needs to put a lot of efforts and sweat into it. But appointing an accounting personal is definitely going to ease this pain to a great extent. These accounting firms tend to help you with a lot of services like bookkeeping, audits since tax returns. It is always recommended to go for an accounting firm over employees, add the former one tends to be cheaper.

Let’s look into few tasks done by the accounting firm in brief-


One can find al full charge bookkeepers offer the junior accountants in almost every accounting firm; their job is broadly too handle the general bookkeeping services.

The bookkeeping services include

  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Receivable
  • Monthly as well as quarterly taxes
  • General ledger entries
  • Reconciliations
  • Monthly trial balance


CPAs who are appointed by the accounting firms generally have the responsibility of deadly with high level and complex accounting services for customers.

These services include

  • Creating budget
  • State, local as well as federal tax return
  • Perfecting financial statements
  • Audit services
  • Business valuation services
  • Guide to determine cash flows
  • Monitoring depreciation of assets
  • Some firms even offer special accounting services to the companies who might be facing fraud cases.


Apart from performing daily jobs, the accounting firms also tend to provide their customers with valuable advise on effective financial strategies. Nowadays, firms are implying more attention towards risk management. Moreover, they keep their customers updated with regulatory changes.

After looking into the great mountains of responsibilities being an owner or founder of a business body, it is always recommended to spend some many in the right direction by opting for an accounting firm. To know more about their work in detail, follow the link –

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How important are Safety Devices in a Lab


A typical laboratory where flammables are the most constant components reaps a wide array of hazards indeed. If one gets careless, the lab can turn into ashes in just a matter of minutes. This is why if you are one of those who is running a laboratory for that is for making herbal oils and similar products, you should always prioritize safety.

Being the owner of a business that is dealing with life-threatening materials, it is your call to ensure that your people will always be in a safe environment all the time. You have to make sure that the environment where they are working all the time is safe for them or with safety equipment they can use in case of emergency.

When it comes to laboratories for making perfumes or herbal oils, some of the best safety devices that must be in the facility are the safety fans and gas detectors. The safety or centrifugal fans are perfect for creating the appropriate airflow which is a must in every laboratory. The gas detectors, on the other hand, will be the device that can easily detect the presence of gas and can then notify the people in the area by its incorporated alarm.

When buying this safety equipment though, you have to be cautious and really try your best to end up with the best model. It does not necessarily mean that it should be the most expensive. Instead, it means that it should be the most efficient in all aspects.

You can easily find these products online and one of the providers is the Yes, when it comes to laboratory products, they have the best in their midst. You can even get vacuum oven from for that matter. Just check out their website and you will see their array of different products.

Yes, there are so many variants in almost everything these days and they are also available online. However, knowing that you will be buying equipment for your laboratory, it is a must that you should not just pick any supplier randomly. You must really a do a meticulous background check or you might end up getting into a serious problem because of their products.

Though might still be here for a number of years only they are already trusted by a lot of companies. This is because they only provide high-quality products.

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Five Main Reasons to List your Business on Online Business Directories


Listing your business online is an effective way to build branding and recognition. The World Wide Web has a lot of marketing approaches you can take advantage of. And listing your business on online directories is one of the most effective techniques. These directories work by supporting instant search and recognition of occupations. The best thing about them is that they are targeted and cost-effective. Here’s how listing your business on online directories can benefit you.

Expand your Business Reach

The number of people who use the internet continues to rise every day and people find ways to do their daily activities online. Giving your business an online presence brings it tremendous opportunities for growth and development. Getting it listed on online directories like 411 Smart Search Regina will help in getting more customers and touching new boundaries. This means that even people from other parts of the globe can find your business and learn about your offerings. This can initiate more engagement into your listing.

Allow Targeted Marketing

A city-based business that lists its occupation to an online directory can enjoy the availability of instant search facilities. People prefer to browse local directories to find a specific service provider, retailer or manufacturer. Online directories have categories which make a search for a certain occupation fast and easy. With this, your business becomes more targeted. It allows you to connect with local customers and improve your branding.

Let you Benefit from Affordable Advertising

Advertising is important for a business’ visibility and exposure. It helps customers find your business and recognize your brand and name. But as a small business owner, you may not have the budget to spend for expensive advertising. Also, creating a website for your business can also cost you some money. Fortunately, online directories allow cheap advertising. In fact, you may start listing your business for free. They give you exposure for less money than you would spend on a radio or television advertising.   

Ensure Competitiveness of your Occupation

Even local businesses face tough competitions. Registering with a local online business directory can provide your business better recognition than when you ignore this kind of online presence. You will be directly contacted by browsers looking to know more about your offerings.

Promise Easy Listing Management

Registering with a local directory and managing your listing are both easy. Online business directories will send you email alerts when they update your data as well as when you get reviews and essential details for improving your presentation. Managing directory listing does not require technical skills.  

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How to Create More Space in the Office When It’s Getting Cramped


There comes a time in the life of almost every business where the office is getting more packed with people, desks, chairs, and cabinets to the point of bursting. At a certain point, it can become a health and safety concern for employees where they don’t have the space to move around freely without knocking into an open cabinet door or having to uncomfortably squeeze past another employee to get by.

The business might not be in a financial position to relocate to a larger office just yet, so what can the managers do to make more current office space less congested?

Desk Sharing Policy

It’s a nice situation when everyone has their own desk and can organize it the way they want with knickknacks and other trinkets to make it feel homelier. However, providing a separate desk for every employee including people who work only a morning or an afternoon on a part-time basis uses up more floor space than necessary. Having a desk sharing policy for these employees allows the company to remove a desk and possibly a separate desk drawer from the office area making it a little bit more spacious than it was before.

Clear Unnecessary Items for Storage

Take a hard look at what is out in the office space and whether there is anything that’s no longer needed. When it comes to filing paperwork, usually the documents can be digitized to remove the floor space used to house the filing cabinets. Look for whatever ways there are to use the existing space more economically.

Once you’ve figured out what items can be set aside as they’re not needed day to day, they can be loaded onto Gruber pallets for storage in a separate small room, in the warehouse below the office, or in an unused part of the building.

Shift Working

Companies that are open to the idea of having shift workers will find that they can make excellent use of their office space by splitting up employee working hours. Some people may prefer to work early morning to mid-afternoon whereas night people could prefer mid-afternoon to midnight working hours. Each paired AM/PM shift worker could use the same assigned desk, so two employees make use of the same office furniture and equipment every work day. While this might seem impractical at first, plenty of companies already do it, like insurance companies that take claim reports 24-hours a day.

Work at Home Days

Some employees are crying out for the opportunity work from their home office and skip the commute altogether. Most companies are reticent to accept the idea because they still believe that they must watch over their employees like a hawk to get the best performance out of them. Both the research on the actual productive hours vs work hours (3-4 hours of productive work for an 8-hour shift) and the performance of home workers vs office workers tells a different story entirely.

Rapidly expanding businesses often face the problem of how to deal with the pace of growth and still keep on top of everything. Office space is a chief concern of managers who go from believing the new larger office will suit the company for five years to quickly seeing it fill up fast. Getting around the space issue in the short-term is a temporary fix, but a useful one when relocating quickly isn’t an option.

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Basics Of Cryptocurrency; What You Need To Know


If you are trying to know what cryptocurrency is and want to invest in it, here are some concepts you would want to know:

Trader’s Identification: Every transaction from the date of creation of the cryptocurrency is stored in public ledger. The identity of the trader is encrypted and then using other encryptions the record keeping is made legitimate; the accurate spendable balance is ensured by the ledger corresponding to”digital wallets”. Also, when new transactions are done, it is ensured though the ledger that the coins are spent from the ones owned by the trader. Binance and other cryptocurrency call their public ledger as blockchain.

Transactions: When coins are transferred between two traders who are members through exchange is known as transaction. Those transactions first get submitted to the public ledger and wait for conformation. When the transaction is done, encrypted electronic signature known as cryptographic signature is carried out to keep as a proof that the owner of the coin was engaged in the transaction. Binance does such transactions in less than a second whereas others take a bit of more time.

Mining: The process of confirming that the transaction is done and entering the data in a public ledger is called as mining. As a open source anyone can confirm about the transaction. The miner adds block of transactions to the public ledger. Therefore, the whole process goes in such a secured that no one can add or change anytime they want. When the block is added on the traders account/ledger, all other transactions related to it gets permanent and also a small commission fee is taken by the miner.

The above mentioned are the basics that all the cryptocurency follows, some may follow them exactly how they are mentioned above or some might have a little different rule, but basically it’s the same way cryptocurrency is dealt with.

If you are still confused just relax. Whatever articles, books, videos, you can get for cryptocurrency go through them. The more you are going to read about them, the more you are going to know about them and someday you will see your head is clear about it and you will understand every little detail of it and who know might even write an article about it. So, don’t become scared, rather try to study more and soon enough you can become a good trader in cryptocurrencies.

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Exploring The charitable side of Peter Loftin


No doubt, Peter Loftin has always been known famously for being the perfect example of the phrase ‘two sides of the same coin’. While one side of Loftin has always been a great businessman, an entrepreneur and a hard working individual, the other side of Loftin is a soft hearted man who dedicated his life to humanity and the betterment of his society.

Born in North Carolina in The United States of America, Loftin rose from very humble backgrounds. However, the seeds of humanity, compassion and generosity were instilled into him since a very early age.

Loftin’s first steps towards humanity

Loftin himself was never quite interested in academics. Although he completed his education in school, his mind and heart were always set out towards a different goal. At the age of 20, Peter Loftin founded an organisation under the name of Coats for Kids. He used this charitable organisation to encourage people to donate coats and winter clothing for those who were lesser fortunate than them. At the tender age of 20, Loftin had already begun sowing the seeds of humanity into people’s minds and hearts.

Soon after, Loftin continued his education in college; however, it was clear that his heart was set on something different. By the time Loftin turned 26, he had already dropped out of college two times. However, he did not let this get in the way of his success. He worked hard day and night, and soon became the proud owner of his very own multi-million dollar company. His company soon rose to become one of the biggest telecommunications company, under the name of Business Telecommunication Inc. or BTI.

From there onwards, Peter Loftin climed the ladder of success two steps at a time. Along with his booming business and affiliation with other organisations, Loftin continued to spend most of his time and energy investing in charitable organisations. He got himself immersed into several organisations, including the Red Cross Society, which would actively lend help to those in need.

On the professional front, Loftin’s success saw no bounds, as he co-founded a counter terrorism contractor with the help of two other colleagues. This group was able to successfully handle several instances of terrorism activities throughout their country.

Another one of Loftin’s great hobbies and passion in life has been art. Soon enough, this intelligent entrepreneur turned his dreams and love for art into a reality. In the year 2000, Peter Loftin purchased the very famous Casa Casuarina. This purchase too, however, was not made in selfish interests. Loftin donated his space to other art lovers, who would regularly hold art shows to showcase their immense skills and talents to the world. The proceedings from these art shows were generously donated to charity.

Word of Loftin’s great work and success spread like wild fire all over the world. It is a wish of all the citizens of United States that the next generation of their country could take inspiration from the success stories of Loftin. If more young minds would dedicate their lives to the betterment of society like Loftin did, the world would become a better place.

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Move With Citimap Transport Services A Trusted Partner


Citimap Transport services are professional movers providing a solution for both residential and commercial clients. It is a Logistics Company in Singapore providing dedicated services to the clients. They are keen on providing reliable and efficient services at an affordable and competitive rate. The processes they have taken are,

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking

The important facility of these professional movers is that they provide storage space for short and long-term options which are under completely secured warehouse facility. They are unique as they analyze the different purpose of clients for making a move. The company holds well-trained movers in packing materials and move it with utmost care. It holds well-equipped trucks, 24 footers with tailgates, trolleys, straps and other packing materials. They are prepared to face any type of job and do it with smooth transition all the time.

Citimap Transport services features

The following are some highlighting features of Citimap transport service.

  • They are one of the Singapore’s highly rated movers
  • They provide storage solutions
  • They give Trusted Service
  • Local Island-wide and International moving
  • Reliable as they are much experienced and efficient
  • Cost Friendly Rates

Types of Services

They have experience and see the customer demand and divided the services they offer in three types. They are,

  • Moving services
  • Storage services
  • Packing services

With these three services, they also provide many add-on services with excellent standard throughout the moving process. They take care of all the items during packing and unpacking. Through this, they have picked up a regarded notoriety as an accomplished moving organization in Singapore, and are frequently picked by an assortment of clients for both neighborhood and universal movements. Regardless of how enormous or little the extent of the task is, they endeavor to guarantee your “go-to” movers’ organization in Singapore.

Make your move simple with Citimap. They provide complete home/office/business/industrial relocation, furniture and Island-wide moving with cost-friendly rates. The moving services include international moving and logistics, commercial moving and housing moving in Singapore. The storage and packing services include packing and unpacking and storage solutions. They give additional services such as courier services, piano moving service, small move, and disposal.

Trusted partner and their valuable customers

Citimap Transport service is the prime mover logistic company in the Singapore and it thoroughly believes that the success is to always integrate with the customers to make their transport solutions as seamless as possible. They are committed to realizing their logistics needs at an optimum cost, enabling gain competitive advantages by virtue of better logistics support through our matchless logistic services. To know more about the services you are free to email at

The valuable customers of citimap services are Amore boutique spa, EMC2, 2P Prime Power, Harvey Norman, Ministry of home affairs, The bear knows, Esprimo, Safra, Sookee, EuropAce, Grey Hammer, Marks and Spencer, TEL and Soft-Pro. Many customers recommend their services to others as they provide affordable, reliable and super fast service. They can be reached at any time and at all season. They are customer service minded and deliver things with much ease.


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