Exploring The charitable side of Peter Loftin


No doubt, Peter Loftin has always been known famously for being the perfect example of the phrase ‘two sides of the same coin’. While one side of Loftin has always been a great businessman, an entrepreneur and a hard working individual, the other side of Loftin is a soft hearted man who dedicated his life to humanity and the betterment of his society.

Born in North Carolina in The United States of America, Loftin rose from very humble backgrounds. However, the seeds of humanity, compassion and generosity were instilled into him since a very early age.

Loftin’s first steps towards humanity

Loftin himself was never quite interested in academics. Although he completed his education in school, his mind and heart were always set out towards a different goal. At the age of 20, Peter Loftin founded an organisation under the name of Coats for Kids. He used this charitable organisation to encourage people to donate coats and winter clothing for those who were lesser fortunate than them. At the tender age of 20, Loftin had already begun sowing the seeds of humanity into people’s minds and hearts.

Soon after, Loftin continued his education in college; however, it was clear that his heart was set on something different. By the time Loftin turned 26, he had already dropped out of college two times. However, he did not let this get in the way of his success. He worked hard day and night, and soon became the proud owner of his very own multi-million dollar company. His company soon rose to become one of the biggest telecommunications company, under the name of Business Telecommunication Inc. or BTI.

From there onwards, Peter Loftin climed the ladder of success two steps at a time. Along with his booming business and affiliation with other organisations, Loftin continued to spend most of his time and energy investing in charitable organisations. He got himself immersed into several organisations, including the Red Cross Society, which would actively lend help to those in need.

On the professional front, Loftin’s success saw no bounds, as he co-founded a counter terrorism contractor with the help of two other colleagues. This group was able to successfully handle several instances of terrorism activities throughout their country.

Another one of Loftin’s great hobbies and passion in life has been art. Soon enough, this intelligent entrepreneur turned his dreams and love for art into a reality. In the year 2000, Peter Loftin purchased the very famous Casa Casuarina. This purchase too, however, was not made in selfish interests. Loftin donated his space to other art lovers, who would regularly hold art shows to showcase their immense skills and talents to the world. The proceedings from these art shows were generously donated to charity.

Word of Loftin’s great work and success spread like wild fire all over the world. It is a wish of all the citizens of United States that the next generation of their country could take inspiration from the success stories of Loftin. If more young minds would dedicate their lives to the betterment of society like Loftin did, the world would become a better place.

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Move With Citimap Transport Services A Trusted Partner


Citimap Transport services are professional movers providing a solution for both residential and commercial clients. It is a Logistics Company in Singapore providing dedicated services to the clients. They are keen on providing reliable and efficient services at an affordable and competitive rate. The processes they have taken are,

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking

The important facility of these professional movers is that they provide storage space for short and long-term options which are under completely secured warehouse facility. They are unique as they analyze the different purpose of clients for making a move. The company holds well-trained movers in packing materials and move it with utmost care. It holds well-equipped trucks, 24 footers with tailgates, trolleys, straps and other packing materials. They are prepared to face any type of job and do it with smooth transition all the time.

Citimap Transport services features

The following are some highlighting features of Citimap transport service.

  • They are one of the Singapore’s highly rated movers
  • They provide storage solutions
  • They give Trusted Service
  • Local Island-wide and International moving
  • Reliable as they are much experienced and efficient
  • Cost Friendly Rates

Types of Services

They have experience and see the customer demand and divided the services they offer in three types. They are,

  • Moving services
  • Storage services
  • Packing services

With these three services, they also provide many add-on services with excellent standard throughout the moving process. They take care of all the items during packing and unpacking. Through this, they have picked up a regarded notoriety as an accomplished moving organization in Singapore, and are frequently picked by an assortment of clients for both neighborhood and universal movements. Regardless of how enormous or little the extent of the task is, they endeavor to guarantee your “go-to” movers’ organization in Singapore.

Make your move simple with Citimap. They provide complete home/office/business/industrial relocation, furniture and Island-wide moving with cost-friendly rates. The moving services include international moving and logistics, commercial moving and housing moving in Singapore. The storage and packing services include packing and unpacking and storage solutions. They give additional services such as courier services, piano moving service, small move, and disposal.

Trusted partner and their valuable customers

Citimap Transport service is the prime mover logistic company in the Singapore and it thoroughly believes that the success is to always integrate with the customers to make their transport solutions as seamless as possible. They are committed to realizing their logistics needs at an optimum cost, enabling gain competitive advantages by virtue of better logistics support through our matchless logistic services. To know more about the services you are free to email at

The valuable customers of citimap services are Amore boutique spa, EMC2, 2P Prime Power, Harvey Norman, Ministry of home affairs, The bear knows, Esprimo, Safra, Sookee, EuropAce, Grey Hammer, Marks and Spencer, TEL and Soft-Pro. Many customers recommend their services to others as they provide affordable, reliable and super fast service. They can be reached at any time and at all season. They are customer service minded and deliver things with much ease.


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Are Some Hiring Processes Considered Too Long? Can This Be A Problem?


There used to be a time where you could walk into any office or restaurant and ask for an application. You’d fill out 1-3 pages of material, and then hand it back. You could complete this in twenty minutes or less, depending on the in-depth nature of the application. That’s just not how it is anymore. Even if you want to apply to America’s first job, being McDonalds, you have 45 minutes or more for intricate application processes. Imagine what it’s like for financial based, degree required positions with hundreds of candidates.

Weeks to Hire

One of the biggest problems is that it can take one or two weeks from the time you hear from a hiring manager to the time when you actually come in to fill out paperwork. From there, it can take even longer. There are just too many hands that information and decisions need to go through. You’d think there would be an easier way with unemployment sitting at a standstill for years and years, but sadly, it’s not the case.

Using the Best Recruiters San Francisco has to Offer

Job recruiters are more in demand than ever before. When you have so many processes and channels to go through, but you need a position to start immediately, you’re just waiting in purgatory while the rest of the world is working. That isn’t fair. Whether it’s in the SF Bay Area, or you’re using the best employment agencies Los Angeles located or otherwise, you need a company that’s going to work tirelessly to match you with the right employers in a short amount of time. You need Beacon Resources.


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Ways CRM Tools Can Improve Customer Retention


It’s more cost-effective to advertise services and products to existing customers rather than look for new leads. Therefore, customer retention should be one of the main priorities for your business.

A viable solution is implementing one of the CRM tools out there for businesses to take advantage of. It allows for marketing efforts to be improved without having to spend a lot of extra funds.

In the following article you’ll learn how CRM tools can help improve customer retention regardless of what industry you operate in.

List segmentation

The different customers on your list will not be on the same stage of the sales process. One might be a fresh lead that’s not yet ready to buy, whereas another might be ready to buy.

CRM tools can help you segment the list as required to improve the focus of marketing campaigns. The way the list is segmented is up to you, and a good dose of creativity will yield better results.

Remember that CRM tools are just tools, youstill need to come up with an effective strategy to take the full advantage of a CRMsoftware. The way a list should be segmented will be different for each business based on the products and services.

Analysis of buying patterns

Understanding the buying patterns of the customer means that future targeting can be more specific. A customer might become annoyed if marketing messages are unrelated to their interests. They’ll begin to ignore your messages and run to your competitors that are utilizing target marketing correctly.

CRM tools can analyse buying patterns at scale and provide related products. This improves the amount of value a business can generate from a single customer. After all, repeat sales are typically the lifeblood of a thriving business.

The cost of investing in a CRM tool is outweighed by the increased revenue from up-selling and cross-selling. Therefore, it’s a no brainer to invest in a CRM software package like bpm’online.

Development of value-added products

A CRM system can figure out where products and services can be added to meet the needs of the customer. To improve customer retention you have to give what customers want. Otherwise they will try to get their needs met elsewhere.

Faster response rate

A CRM system allows customer support department to effectively processcustomer requests. The complaints can be categorized and placed in order of urgency. Typically, a CRM system might setup the complaints to be handled in the order they were received.

Customer retention rate will be improved if the customer feelsthat the company cares for the interests and comfort of its customers. Investing in better customer service ensures you have a reputation for looking after your customers.

Track campaign success

By analysing the success of ongoing campaigns you begin to see where the marketing is working. Likewise you can identify the marketing that isn’t working, and even doing damage to your business.

Using CRM for analytics allows you to produce more of the marketing messages that are having a positive effect on your customer base. At the same time your marketing dollar is spent with a higher return.


The tracking of marketing campaigns is an automated process and can therefore be done at scale. For a company that’s experiencing growth this is an advantage. Especially because overheads can be kept at a minimum while the growth occurs.


The use of CRM tools for a modern online business brings massive advantages for customer retention. You cannot keep track of each customer manually so a system must be created to do so automatically. However, the trick is to get this job done without sacrificing ofthe quality of the business-customer relationship.

Take a look at to see the different solutions that bpm’online offers. Making use of these solutionswill improve the customer retention rate to levels you’ve never experienced before.


CRM tools have the means to improve customer retention by collecting accurate customer data, keeping track of marketing campaign results and improving resolutionrates.

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Security Managed Services – Committed IT Exposure


Scalable IT infrastructure offers comprehensive capacity to take care of healthy perspectives of business and it features proactive tracking method to mitigate probable threats.  Familiarity with Security Managed Services eases business management by improving operational performance of tracked workforce through reports.  These security promising services fortify integrity posture of professional security and grant coherent solutions for instantly emerging hardware in addition to software problems.

Well-integrated approach of information technology invites business owners to perform something beyond their anticipation and they’re in a position to rise on administrative horizon of business situation turning their traditional battle into serene but outsource tracking efforts.  You are able to obtain the race of gaining advancement with potential and superior participation of manages security services.  These solutions are accessible with mixture of

  • Managed IDP
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Mail Protection
  • Remote Alerting with Modified Management

Favourably Integral Security Managed Services

Preference to business security services brings diminished input expenditures and in reaction, IT infrastructure raises ownership earnings on total production.  All-time security professionals focus over repetitive monitoring security and take you away from originally emerged critical conditions whilst eliminating outside threats employing extensive dealing experience.  It’s possible to confront every security challenge with practical affectivity of security services and its sure actuality which you can’t deny dedicated involvement of information technology.  Advanced enterprise direction flourishes when unbelievably managed security gets rid of redundant hardware of software attempts.

Top-class implementation of Managed IT Services never compromises over grade of support and guarantees countermeasure accessibility to present warnings.  This is how; business owners understand requirements of their customers and attempt to satisfy introducing innovative style of production.  They get feedback within security zone of their own direction and maintain communication to learn better options for the sake of transparency of business.  You are able to relish security profile of your tracked business with complete assurance of maintaining its scale.

Simple setup of security managed programs encloses your company between

  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Design
  • Control Testing
  • Access to email security
  • Estimating protection for analysis of practiced security

Wonderful Security Managed Services analyze current security profile of your business and exemplify determined extent of your brand new in modern sector.  After between these alternatives, there remain no threat seeing vulnerabilities, documentation gaps or dangers due to configured platform of IT based management security.

Security Managed Services Plan Inspiring Venture

Long-lasting maintenance of business construction relies on compact security services which require IT engineers and advisers to design customized settlement to coincide with distinctive requirements of your business.  Proficient staff places surprising efforts to fulfil both the business owner and their customers at exactly the same moment.  Regular security testing ensures for complete security of sensitive business data but this miraculous happening come forward with Fair Safety Managed Services.

Possessing a contact IT specialist to enjoy innovative stadium of security for penetrating answers of business related problems.  Your worries about upper level control security end following worthy and hassle-free institution with managed services.  It’ll be an authoritative practice to take care of management problems jointly with standardized surety of information technology program.  Take courageous thing to acquire matchless benefits from resourceful IT bundles and appreciate funding friendly small business tracking security.

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How to get life insurance for seniors over 80?


Are you a senior over the age of 80? If yes then it’s the time for you to consider a best price for life insurance policy for seniors over 80. By purchasing so the coverage can cover the expenses like outstanding debts and funeral expenses debt and funeral expenses and it also helps in preserving your family`s financial stability.

If you are not having enough money to cover all these expenses then purchasing a life policy is the best option for you. You should purchase one of the policies as soon as you can so as to secure affordable premiums. There are lots of people who believe that they don’t need any insurance policies. They should understand that this is the best way to cover the burial and funeral expenses. On the other hand the cost of funerals keeps on increasing and most of the people lack money for such expenditures.

In most of the cases, the cost of the funeral goes 7000 dollars to 10000 dollars. The costs of the funeral may go up according to the family`s decision to spend more on the floral arrangement or the ceremony. If the family is huge then the cost can go higher. Passing away without leaving any money behind to your family for the funeral cost would be a tough time for your family.

You can choose the best price for life insurance for seniors over 80. By purchasing a policy you can help your family to pay for your funeral as the coverage will cover all of your funeral expenses. The perfect policy would help your spouse and children or grandchildren financially to survive.

Health conditions and insurance for seniors over 80:  If you are not having any health related issues then you are fully eligible to secure affordable premiums. You will find a life insurance policy for over 80 with a low premium if you have recently not undergone any serious surgery and are not having any medical treatment running.

You have to pass some of the medical tests and also you need to prove that you don’t have any habit of smoking and drinking alcohol. If you quit drinking and smoking twelve months before applying premiums will more than likely be a little higher, as if you are still smoke and drink you will secure lower premiums for your life insurance plan as these habits can have negative consequences on your health.

If you have some minor health related issues: Having minor health related issues does not affect your premiums.  If you do have major problems than it is best for you to buy no exam plan. Your policy will be approved, but you have to pay higher premiums for such policies.

You can opt for no exam guaranteed acceptance policy if you think that you won’t succeed for lower premiums after taking a medical test. You can get a decent life insurance without any tests and the premiums will be much affordable if a health issues would otherwise prevent you from securing low premiums.

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Gathering Volunteers To Donate Money For A Cause


There are two possible ways to fundraise – Online and Offline. There are many ideas to raise money offline like organizing events, car wash etc. One of the best offline fundraising ideas is the very popular laundry detergent fundraiser plans and it is growing in popularity really fast. It is easy to set up and operate. Not many efforts have to be put in explaining the functioning as it is used by every household and everyone is familiar with it. Offline fundraising is great but when everything’s going digital, why not fundraising? The future of online fundraising seems secure. Following are a few points on why online fundraising is gaining popularity and should be your preference over traditional, offline fundraising:-

  • Opportunity

Online fundraising is getting more popular with each passing day. There are increasing numbers of donors online. Moreover, online fundraising has comparatively lower expenses and one can target the audience more efficiently.

  • Tools for Storytelling

There are many tools in the market which can be used to create engaging designs for social media and other platforms. A few of the examples are, Canva and Storify.

  • Payment Mechanisms

Initially, it was considered to be very difficult to make transactions online, but with passage of time, this has become very easy and feasible. One can simply pay with a click of a button. Online payments can be made using debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, online banking etc.

  • Engaged Audience

Now, there are many ways to make the audience engaged and one of them is using tools and social media. Using Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media platforms, one can easily build a community and have engaged audience. Also, these platforms have made it very easy for the fundraiser to communicate the message with the donors or collaborators. For example, one can simply broadcast a message on Whatsapp or use the Instagram feature of Stories to communicate.

  • Viral Content

When viral meets charity, magic happens. Online fundraising has a capacity to make campaigns go viral for a cause. It has a wider reach and more number of donors can be attracted. For example, there are many viral campaigns like Movember with a motive of spreading awareness regarding men’s health issues, Ice Bucket Challenge with a motive of spreading a message that a cure to neurodegenerative disease must be found, DogSelfie was initiated when Manchester Dogs’ House was set on fire killing 60+ dogs.

So, with these many benefits of online fundraising, your morale definitely would have got boosted up and you would want to start an online fundraiser immediately but the problem lies in coming up with an idea. Following are a few online fundraising ideas for you to start with:-

  1. Online Auction – It is a public sale and the product is sold to the one who bids the highest.
  2. Apparel Sale – Fund is raised by selling clothes.
  3. Contests – Raise money through entry fee and more.
  4. Videos – Make a video viral just like Ice Bucket Challenge
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Livestreaming during Tradeshow Events


From YouTube to Facebook to Periscope, livestreamingis currentlygrowing in popularity faster than ever. In fact, some marketing gurus now consider it to be the future of social media, and this makes it a vital component worth including in your tradeshow plans. Presently, billions of dollars are being spent onlive streaming sports, fashion shows, and music festivals, amongst other activities likely to have passionate followers online.

For tradeshow marketing, including live streaming at your display will not just set you apart from the rest of exhibitors, but will also give you a chance to communicate with your followers on social media in real time, and let them know how things are rolling out during the event. It implies that you will be in a position to engage your audiences who could not make it to the event, and they are also free to tweet, comment, and share the happenings at your stand in real time. This will not only help spread the word about your brand, but also has the potential of making your event go viral, thus attracting thousands of eye balls to the show.

Image result for Tradeshow Events

Livestreaming is highly beneficial during shows where you have to conduct demos for your products or services. It presents you with a unique opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, in the sense that as you demonstrate to the audience that is present at your trade show display, those watching online will also have a chance to view and understand the demo. In this manner, it will be possible to gather more leads and even make instant sales from those following your event via the livestream. This is ideal if you are involved with international trade show exhibitions with customers scattered in different locations across the globe.

The other important thing worth noting about livestreaming during events is that it doesn’t require a huge budget. All you need is a strong cellular signal and a decent streaming device to get you rolling. Make sure to include livestreaming in your next event and see the in terms of the results you will be able achieve.

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Venturing in a food business is not only about earning more money but also establishing the legality of such business. It is important to get into details what are the legalities in opening a food business, the area where the shop should be located and the types of licenses and approvals to start the business. Every local authority in your area has its own procedures and requirements in obtaining business license and food license.

Business licenses are issued by the municipal government of each area within their jurisdiction. If for instance you are opening up a catering service whether you are putting up a shop or setting this at home, one has to register with the local government agency under their jurisdiction.

Application for food license

A food business requires a food license and one has to secure the said license for the health and safety of the consumers. The entrepreneur should be liable in getting the details to which he can process the food license. They might get in contact with the food authority in the locality to check with them the requirements in securing the food license. You can obtain the food license application from your local health department; you have to have the name of your food business, the exact address and the owner’s personal information. After completing the application, you can submit this along with the required fee to the health department in the locality.

A health inspector will make a health inspection on the shop or establishment to complete the application. The health inspector is responsible in checking items, cleaning of utensils and proper storage and makes sure that you meet the safety code and standards. The local health department provides the list of local health and safety code. There is a 30 days prior to the opening date that will allow the processing of the application along with the review process on the application.

It is advisable to comply with the laws and its prohibitions pertaining to obtaining a food and business license, in order for your business not to get into trouble with the authorities.

How food safety can affect your food business?

It is important that there is an assurance on the food that the food business is offering. “Food safety” can be obtained with the standards being set and the procedures to be followed; health inspectors will look at the premises; kinds of food that you make or prepare; how everyone works and food safety management system being implemented. Information about the legal requirements on food safety can be found on the website of your local health authority.

If you are based in India, and you are in the food business, the FSSAI or Food and safety standards authority of India – is an organization that regulates and facilitates the food business operators (FBO) in India for the application of food safety and to eliminate anything that is toxic or hazardous.

In terms of high quality on food, with the compliance of FSSAI, the consumers receive the same level of food security.


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Employers Liability Insurance: Reasons To Rely On Such Policies


You might have heard a lot about Employers Liability Insurance, which is gaining quite some popularity nowadays. Worker’s compensation can cover any form of occupational accidents or sickness, which can arise due to employment’s course of work. This can be anything to do with medical expenses, loss of wage for bodily injury or even the death of any employee. The entire norms revolve around the relevant Labor Laws while working on the liability insurance for the employers. This kind of insurance policy helps in paying additional compensation above workers compensation benefits upon court judgment of going through negligence on part of employer.

Why go for this insurance:

There are multiple reasons for you to go for the Employers Liability Insurance over other options. This insurance policy is compulsory for majority of countries and businesses are likely to require displaying statutory certificate of the insurance at multiple places of work. In current world of litigation, companies and other types of organizations are always held responsible for any accident, which might cause some injury to the employees. Right on the same time, compensation payments as provided to the claimant by court, will always be towards the higher scale. It will cover the cost of compensation of the worker along with the liability indemnities o the employer to business, which can turn out to be quite massive in nature.

Important factors to consider:

It is rather important for the people to manage employee health along with safety risks, which are major parts in controlling some operational costs and even to protect asset of the company. Under this policy, you are likely to find customized insurance policies, which are designed to match the legal framework within which any business can operate well. It comes handy with professional form of risk assessments and with consistent and proactive claims service.

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