4 Frequently Asked Questions about Property Evaluation Answered


Property is one of the permanent assets that anyone could own. If you own one or more properties, you know how important it is to find their value. But, most of us don’t know much about property evaluation.

You can always hire professionals like IMMEXPERTS to get the property valuation done, but you should still know the basics. If you are new to real estate, here are four most frequently asked questions about property evaluation:

  1. What Is Property Valuation?

In property lingo, the term valuation refers to the assessment of a particular property or the monetary worth of that particular building at that point of time. This figure is based on a lot of assumptions that are related to the current conditions of the market. The figure must also take account of all the factors that might have impact on the rental value, projected market value, and capital value.

  1. Why Do the Valuation Figures Differ?

The concept of valuation isn’t an exact science or algorithm. Valuation is just an evidence-based opinion that is formed by comparing relevant data in the market that is related to the sale of similar type of property in the particular area and it is often combined with a proper inspection of the exact address of the property. A proper inspection of all rooms and floors in the building as well as outer surrounding of the building is done. Notes, photographs, and detailed measurements are taken and final conclusion of the report is calculated.

  1. Why Is the Sale Price Different from Valuation?

The sale price is solely based on the discretion of the real estate agents, which is why it is always advised to find the property’s worth before purchasing it. Valuation just tells you what the property is worth. The sale price depends upon the real estate agent and not on the valuation.

  1. Is Hiring a Professional Valuation Expert Worth It?

A professional valuation expert knows the current state of the market. This expert is aware of other similar properties and knows the dos and don’ts of evaluating a property. Therefore, if you need an exact valuation of your property, hiring a professional valuation expert is totally worth it.

Now that you know the answers to the most frequently asked questions, it is time to start evaluating your property or the one that you are interested to buy.

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